Sunday, 23 December 2001

International Video Calling Vs International Prepaid Calling Cards

One of the biggest advances in communication that we have available today is the use of video calling. In fact, many services offer free video calling even if the calls being made are international (there may be a charge if you are calling a cell phone or land line rather than another video VoIP service). This makes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services a must have when it comes to business communication. VoIP can help an international company to stay connected in real time.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a VoIP video phone service? Let's start with convenience. Anywhere that you have an Internet connection, you can communicate across the globe. Video calling phones give you the ability to make free video calls in the palm of your hand. The only downside is that you need enough bandwidth to maintain a video link. That means using additional data. If you are on a device with a limited data plan, video conference calling can eat up data rather quickly.

Thus, price is a consideration. While the calls are free, the data may not be. If you can't use your phone, you may need to rely on another wireless source. In an airport, for example, there is usually an additional charge for using the Wi-Fi. Of course, it may still be far cheaper than making a call with an international prepaid calling card because there is no per minute rate once you are connected.

At home you may benefit from using free international calling on a VoIP service to see a loved one you have been missing, since they are too far away to visit. On the other hand, free group video calling is perfect for business applications, since clients or associates in various locations can also speak face to face without anyone having to be in the same room or even the same country.

In review, why would a person want to use a digital VoIP video phone service? 
• Convenient - call from anywhere you have Internet access 
• Free international calls 
• Video conference calling allows for multiple participants 
• Video offers a more personal experience

Yes, free video calling is changing the way that the world communicates. Much of communication is non verbal, and video calls allow us to get all the gestures, facial expressions, and other cues that we may have been missing on phone calls. It's a great business tool, and an excellent way to keep in touch with friends and family regardless of how far away they live.

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